AutomationNavigator is a secure web-based tool to assess, track and manage Enterprise Automations. The tool is specifically designed for Business Analysts and Business Users to manage Enterprise Automation Programs.
RPA & AI projects are mostly task / process level Automation Projects. In contrast to typical Enterprise Software projects, RPA and AI projects tend to be fragmented across various Lines of Businesses and/or Business Groups. We have seen our Clients use, Spreadsheets, Sharepoint and other collaboration tools which quickly start to go out of control as the number of Automations increase. AutomationNavigator is designed to make life simpler for the Business Users.
AutomationNavigator is not a Project Management tool but rather an Automation Lifecycle Management tool. It is not designed to manage Automation projects but to track the Automation lifecycle at a higher level as needed by the Business community. Other standardized IT Project Management tools can be used to manage the Automation projects at more granular level. AutomationNavigator will ultimately integrate with those tools.
AutomationNavigator V 1.0 is currently free to use for Companies. Once you register, there is an approval required by AutomationNavigator team to make sure that we have the right type of Users in the System.
AutomationNavigator is built on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud.